Variety of recreational activities
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From Jul.15th to Jul.18th, 2009, Dezhan Metals Manufacture Co., Ltd. and Foshan JinDa Xin Metals & Electronic Co., Ltd. organized nearly 700 employees of the two companies to Zhapo in Yangjiang for the two-day tour. This is the annual tour activities of our group and also is the activity to promote the relationship between companies and employees, management and staffs, staff and staff. It reflects that our companies value the staffs and their leisure and cultural activities. It also provided an opportunity for family to gather together and have fun.
In this Yangjiang Zhapo travel, employees experienced the wonderful sceneries of Hailing Island which is one of the ten most beautiful islands in China. We reached Big Horn Bay coast beach which is well known as Oriental Hawaii, and then we arrived the ocean park to enjoy the sun, beach, wave of romantic tropical scenery. We also enjoyed the high-altitude surfing, river rafting, rotating pool of immense pleasure and other stimuli. We all said that in this two-day holiday travel, we got a complete enjoyment and relaxation.

In the evening of Oct. 18th, 2008, Dezhan & Jindaxin organized about 150 staffs including workshop team leader and office staffs to have a barbecue. In addition to traditional barbecue, the Personnel Department organized riddles, games and messenger and other exciting lottery. Everyone had a good time. Through this activity, we further strengthened the company’s cohesion, promoted our people-oriented enterprise culture and largely enhanced the combat effectiveness of the management team.

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