CNC vertical machining center
Products overview
Our company independently developed CNC vertical machining center, increase the rate of the machine to start the leap. With MATRIX CAM system,Not only we can be easily programmed in the office and interference checking while processing, programs can be easily uploaded to the machine through the network, which implement the factory networked. But also it can share the plant operations required information of machine tools、 machining process、 fixture、tooling、production schedules and other, which is a real-time and efficient factory management software.
Series products
Performance advantage
  • 1. Intelligent vibration suppression function
  • 3.Intelligent interference suppression function
  • 2. Intelligent heat shielding function
  • 4. Intelligent navigation function
Optional configuration
Type VCN410ⅡL/510ⅡL Optional VCN515CⅡL Optional
Type of tool MSA BT40 MSA BT50
Max tool diameter Φ80mm Φ125mm
Max tool diameter(without adjacent tool) 125mm 240mm/250mm
Max tool length 350mm 350mm/400mm
Max tool mass 8kg 20kg
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